License terms

The following terms and condtions (“License terms”) govern your right to use any photographic images (“content”) that you access by download via website (the “site”). By obtaining an account from and by accessing any content from this site, you agree to be bound and comply with all of the license terms.

1. Grants

1.1. You agree that you have no right to use, copy, publish, display, transmit, broadcast or otherwise exploit any content except as expressly authorized under these license terms or as expressly authorized in a separate written agreement (“License Agreement”) between you and Absent a License Agreement, Your authorization to use any Content must be evidenced by the issuance by of a written invoice (an "Invoice"), which must include identification of the Content licensed, the prices and rates for use, and may include additional restrictions or limitations.

1.2. reserve all rights in and to the Content other than those rights that have been expressly granted to You in a License Agreement or these License Terms.

1.3. You agree to take all commercially reasonable efforts to prevent third parties from misappropriating or obtaining unauthorized access, use or transmission of the Content (collectively "Unauthorized Use").

1.4. The Content may not be used for any Commercial Use, including any promotional, advertising or merchandising use.
1.5. You shall include the credit line set forth in the metadata for any Content. Eg: Photo caption in all photos downloaded from the content.

1.6. You shall display the copyright notice included in the Content metadata in all uses of the Content.

2. Termination

2.1. may terminate any license granted hereunder or in any License Agreement at any time for any reason whatsoever immediately upon notice to You. In such event, Your sole remedy in such event shall be to receive the amounts You actually paid to in respect of such Content

3. Payment Terms

3.1. You agree to pay for all Content that You obtain from this Site, regardless of whether You use such Content. Unless otherwise agreed to in an Invoice or License Agreement. 4. Dispute Settlement

4.1. Any matter arising beyond this license agreement shall be negotiated between You and