License Policy for is a photo agency website that offers a wide range of high-quality photographs captured by photographers based in Maldives. To provide flexibility to both buyers and photographers, offers different types of licenses for the use and purchase of photographs. This License Policy outlines the types of licenses available and the terms and conditions associated with each license.

Types of Licenses

1.1 Royalty-Free License: The Royalty-Free license allows buyers to use the licensed photographs multiple times without incurring additional fees. The license grants non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual rights to use the photographs for various purposes, including but not limited to personal, commercial, editorial, and promotional uses. Buyers are permitted to use the photographs in digital or print format, in multiple projects or mediums, without limitations on time or geographical location. The Royalty-Free license does not grant exclusive rights to the buyer, and the photographs may be licensed to other users simultaneously.

1.2 Rights-Managed License: The Rights-Managed license offers more specific usage rights tailored to the buyer's needs. For the Rights-Managed license, the usage rights are restricted to the country of Maldives, and the photographs may only be used for social media or media coverage purposes. If the buyer requires the photograph for any other purpose, they are advised to contact the team to explore alternative licensing options. The license grants non-exclusive rights to use the photographs indefinitely or as mutually agreed upon between the buyer and The Rights-Managed license ensures that the buyer has rights to use the photographs within the agreed-upon parameters, while the photographer retains the ability to license the same photographs to other buyers after the license period ends.

1.3 Exclusive License: The Exclusive license grants the buyer exclusive rights to use the licensed photographs for a specific period. By default, grants an exclusive license for up to 5 years; however, the duration can be mutually agreed upon between the buyer and the team. The exclusive license ensures that the buyer has sole usage rights during the license period, and the photographs will not be licensed to any other party. By default, the usage rights for the licensed photographs are limited to Maldives throughout the duration of the license, without any other specific limitations. If the buyer requires additional usage rights beyond this default scope, it can be negotiated and agreed upon between the buyer and

1.4 Extended Licenses: In addition to the Royalty-Free, Rights-Managed, and Exclusive licenses, may offer extended licenses that provide additional usage rights beyond the standard licenses. Extended licenses may include options such as unlimited print runs, use in merchandise or products for resale, or exclusivity for a specific industry or market segment. The terms and conditions for extended licenses, including pricing and usage rights, will be agreed upon between buyer and

Photographer's Rights and Responsibilities

2.1 License Grant: By submitting photographs to, photographers grant the right to license their photographs to buyers based on the selected license type.

2.2 License Terms and Pricing:, in collaboration with photographers, determines the terms and pricing for each license type. The specific details of royalties, commission percentages, and pricing structures will be outlined in the photographer agreement provided to photographers.

2.3 Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Licensing: Photographers have the option to grant exclusive or non-exclusive rights to for licensing their photographs. Exclusive licensing means that the photographer agrees not to license the same photographs to other stock photo agencies or platforms during the exclusivity period defined in the photographer agreement.

Buyer's Rights and Responsibilities

3.1 Usage Compliance: Buyers are responsible for ensuring that their usage of the licensed photographs complies with the terms and conditions of the selected license type.

3.2 Attribution: While not mandatory for all licenses, encourages buyers to provide appropriate attribution to the photographer when using the licensed photographs. Proper attribution includes including the photographer's name, copyright notice, and a link to the photographer's portfolio or website, if provided. It is recommended to provide attribution in the following format: Caption - Photographer Name /

Modifications to the Policy reserves the right to modify this License Policy at its discretion. Any changes to the policy will be communicated to photographers and buyers through email or other appropriate means. By using or purchasing photographs from, buyers and photographers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this License Policy. is the Maldives leading community for photographers.
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